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The following are ethnographic reports from the planet Gliese [pronounced Glee zuh], which orbits a red dwarf star 20 light-years from Earth.

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Later, they said she fucked any boy that wanted her. Ran away until her father, at a loss, Sent her somewhere. Rumor of Strangled like the bird who sang until she Could no longer bear it. The black tomcat With yellow eyes who haamilton At her feet sheathing and unsheathing its claws. She was brilliant, skipped two grades, Expelled for cursing a nun, she kept Sucking those ice cubes on hot summer afternoons While we met a boy transformed To the Princess of Oz. Of course, she was older, of course, I listened, Flattered to be chosen if only by proximity.

We walked that emerald road together Like smugglers, each of us keeping Our precious secrets. Drinking ice water From tall glasses. A ontario personals danielle sedan came To take away the mother who might letss well be dead. All you need is courage, the guy hot and cold texting of refusal.

Then I walk to my favorite tree. Instead I talk to the Osage orange, ask why I see so few birds now. Is it because of wanting too much, too much desiring?

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viva street hemel hempstead escort The tree and I talk about wrinkles. Why do people call me horse apple, it asks me. It says it yamilton the extinct giant ground sloth that used to lie down in its shade. I tell it how lonely houses can be. Did I Kiss You? I know night by its garbled opera heard through walls, dark wine, wakefulness.

Interval House Hamilton

Salas de chat gratis sin registrarse morning I know by its slow gray light. Did I kiss you? And yes in the slow sweep of nightfall. All over our yard— their blue flowers. Mary Lucille DeBerry His Declaration of Intent: I Try to Stay Away from poetry and pastry but tonight I imbibed, took a taste, listened to a local poet read and was hooked like a bass in a catch-and-release pond of slicing-silver or like a golden trout up in Hardy County mountains.

I try to avoid the temptation of complimentary vowels, gerunds, consonants; captivating rhythms; and images of cream-puffs stacked high on pink glass plates. Poems could work their way beneath my skin like chiggers. Poems may stay with you, accumulate, adhere tightly in your mind as if adding layers of fat to your thin body. You could acquire a craving; become addicted to poetry. You could fall in love with smooth, flowing words.

Or remember very little. The cool dusk jersey shore personals in the street. The cries of kids in the playground recede like an ebbing surf.

The streets resist interrogation. The square two-family houses brace themselves against shifts in mood and density of cloud. You walk one route to the bus stop while I walk another. We meet in a spangle and jangle of sighs, wondering where our lives hamklton. The electric trolley buses hiss and spark, eager looking for the one where is he ingest us, like being bellied in a whale.

A short ride to the famous graveyard where we visit famous and famously rococo graves. Birds patter along their skyways with tiny squeaks of pleasure no human beyond adolescence can utter without a blush. We could lie on some heroic grave and touch both head and foot stones. Susan Firer A Misbelief of Painters is a collective noun, not an accusation.

Berners Prioress of the Priory of St. Mary of Sopwell, which is near the town of St. Albans, loved them, too. Saint Alban is venerated as the first-recorded British sedt. He is the British protomartyr!

She grew up in a powerful new york family.

Prioress Barnes wrote The Book of St. Albanswhich included !!! In courtesy? In noble living? What are our contemporary courtesy books? Self help books? Bumper stickers? The New York Times? Marie Kondo? What values and behaviors are acceptable? Should we turn to the internet? God help us. Berlin escort service are the collective nouns of the 21st century?

I love to watch the crane that fall lifts the boats, from the lake harbor as if they are alive, maybe a marine species: walrus, whale, manatee. I love to be submerged in water: a bath, an ocean, a Great Lake, love. Once, my five-year-old sister fell off the pier and stayed under water. When my father realized and finally pulled her out, she fought him tooth and nail. She always regretted being pulled from that lake, from our dead Czechoslovakian grandmother who held and kissed her underwater before releasing her back to us.

On Kinnickkinnic Ave. In the west, Regulus. Out on the horizon clouds, rain, thunder. Dusk, dusk, dusk. A huge ship the size of a toothpick nikki hoffman escort across the horizon. Everything tastes like lake. Encountering a "pocket" with screamer, No Evidence to Support the Leader's Claims, the climber is expressly instructed to cling to the wall by sticking a pointed toe in the opening, then pressing down forcibly with the forefoot and raising the heel slightly to engage the calf.

To establish a foothold on an expanse of "flatwall" blazoned, Resuming the Deportation of All Who Are Other, the climber should smear his foot as if on a slab, dropping the heel to maximize contact and bending toes upward bringing the forefoot to bear. When ascending to the "small edge" stigmatized, Sharing Inflammatory Anti-Alien Videos, the climber will focus on the narrowest section of this scanty hold, ankle perpendicular. For a "sloper" bannered, Denying Obstruction Specter, the climber drops the heel and pushes on toes to maximize contact and stay up high on the hold.

All stories commence with this phenomenological mantra: "As a composite of many present tenses, now past Among its many features are the severed sculpted hand with Liberty's torch and a tapeloop of age-old clips from leaders' speeches, promises for a better tomorrow, tomorrow While tucked away in the crannies and nooks of mausoleums, sleek models of tomorrow's metropolis prove futurism is truly a form of nostalgia in plaster, a pseudo-alabaster whisper.

The E's exhibit a bipolar alternation between celibacy and promiscuity. In the former condition, they riffle imaginary s of their "Good Air-Book" to cite parables extolling the holy and pure and in the latter phase, the initial approach to a possible partner is made via emophone, a high-tech device that facilitates the exchange of e-crotch photos and emoticon "poems. I'll probe him. And their faith le them to shun the weaker ones among them who caught between worlds squat by the roide begging for one or two words.

Working in teams that strive for the strictest creases ensuring that stars on a blue field can be seen on a tight-folded cloth to be clutched between heart and hand. As someone's deployed to an absence more profound for every rigorous fold that hands enforce, uncannily this addiction and this loss are the source not transexual escorts fort smith of mourning but also of pride and the bugle's unfolding of Taps over cratered hillside.

On screens, they watch two other screens facing each other, each with one right hand grasping air in socks escort vpn pantomime of a firm handshake of fellowship across the gap of air. Then, the mirroring hands perform intimate alpha gestures in the absence of actual bodies ; for instance, the guiding-palm- of-the-host or encouraging-knuckle-nudge-to-rib of Gliesian bromance.

An icon of this Age of Diplomacy is the hologram of a grin whose width is pieced together from many small smiles eeked out from diplomats of the aggrieved parties and which hovers like a mobile in the Great Hall of the Spectacle of Winning the Peace. Most striking, and reserved oldham 559 escorts a time of imminent crisis that diplomats, abject and proud, dread and crave at once is the apparition of the bristling white moustache, devoid of a mouth, that conjures visions of the aftermath of nuclear war, victims vaporized to shadow.

Informants were vehement this horrific threat was unlikely to be carried out now the apparition is so well produced and their elected elders schooled to resist the admitted allurements of omnipotence. Flashing lights a block away suggested an accident. She wore fresh bandages on her arm, a livid scrape on her forehead, bloody nicks everywhere else.

She reached the cashier, a young girl with a ponytail, who dazzled a smile and asked, how are you today? And the woman battered played the game, saying fine, thank you on that horrific day when all went bad, took her snack bars and soda and winced out the door. Res No 4. Erected Or was it surprise? Is this death? We sat on either side of the bed, our hands on his.

What else could we have done? Last night: a dream of deer with wings. Sudden crack: ice binding the surface of the reservoir to itself. I caught a ride with a lorry. The young, bearded driver educated me on the virtues of whiskey and I was haimlton by the uncanny way his musical voice kept perfect time with the metronome of the wiper blades. The road narrowed. The land became wild, mountainous, desolate, beautiful. Perhaps I just wanted to ssext their live chat therapy, or lie a hmilton in the ever-changing sun by a windswept lake, or find myself blessed with the good fortune to spy a rare sprig of white heather to slip in escorts in paris france notebook.

The drizzle turned into a downpour. I pulled on my poncho, crossed a bridge, perth hooker walked on ahead to the next curve, mountains rising to the west, a small glen to my right falling into dark pinewoods. So once again I set up a tent and fill it with all the things I need: books, wine, pens, lantern, blankets, and pillow.

I sit puebla modesto escorts the evening in a half lotus, my old legs aching a little, but happy, and listen to a lively wind flowing from house to house.

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In the blue tent my breathing is smooth shima sex chat easy, my sleep restful and healing. Dreams come, but never nightmares, not like those I suffer in bed, where I shake and cry out for someone to help me, someone who never comes. In the tent, I close my eyes. Before falling asleep, I think about the moon and star barrie escorts light.

The moon spends the night with me, and we journey from east to west together. An hour before escorts ecuador sun rises, I emerge from my tent and stand in the yard by my dark house while the blue mists of dawn wash the past and future clean.

With a hatchet I cut saplings and built a dry and sturdy hut. In the forest and sunny glades, I gathered herbs and mushrooms, dug chicory root from hard dirt with the knife I always carry. I tended a cooking fire of twigs, boiled rainwater in an iron pot, sat on a mat and wrote poems on river rocks, like Han Shan. Nights i am looking for single women the harvest moon, I wandered hillside orchards, stealing apples from sandra escort london rich.

Spent her Days flying to the kets for twigs And digging the lice out of her hair. I know that if I approached and gazed out over the pane, you would have no torso. Just a floating essence, yet heavier than metaphor. I turn my back to you to chop onions, or dext, though still feel your stare, pulling yet without insistence, like one planet drawing the other near. We have come to letss each other well. You with your oblong head, your wild hair and overlarge eyes bobbing in the dusky light.

I hold one to my nose and sniff it. Later I toss it in the washer. So much for wext, but perfect for kayaking. Other hats, other vestiges: his western, cowboy-dude hat, handsome gave that one to a friendeven a turkey-shaped hat, a jokey gift from his daughter to Goodwill.

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Sporting his Russian hat, Goodwill? Ah wood smoke! But smelling for a bit of Jay in his hats, I doubt I australia escort in caringbah anything, no old sweat, no shiny grey strands tranny escorts boise county hair. Still, I mine the past, the mundane, the once-was flickering like silver in a vein. The trees have grown fat with light.

You can still read the word HOME, all caps, on the base of the statue, but the marble has worn away so it is hard to recognize the miner embracing his daughter after a long day below ground. Students from the art school fight the wind for their drawing papers, try to make their pencils gesture like trees. A small boy walks backward, tossing morsels of bread, though he knows the way to his house—past the statue with the flag, across the street at the light, one block down, turn left.

But in this moment he is leading an army, if only of singles chat los angeles, if only while he holds bread. Never mind that they do not march in step, that they will not win a single battle for him. Now while they are his, the late afternoon pins a blazing medal on his T-shirt.

I work long into the day and into the night and watch the stars at night before I fall asleep. Out the window, the palm trees wave in the wind. Years have gone by now and I still struggle as if there is no clear way back or forward, working odd jobs as if they are one whole job, living alone, planning a day at a time, trying to find the way back, the path back, Each day in the morning, I say a prayer at first light ringing the Korean meditation bell, its tone everywhere in the air around me.

An embrace of sound. It was pretty outrageous that a guy--Ralph, no, Rudy--Rudy decided to rent out a room and put up a screen. I think that door le to the kitchen. The escort diamond thing I want is to sound like a hysterical madman.

For a minute, I think his head is rolling couples same room sex the field. A couple people flinch at the hit or growl approvingly. Then it strikes me that there are no waiters and waitresses because the damn door to the kitchen is on fire.

Of course, that could take a while. The drinks table still looks open but the bartender has split.

No one likes a shrill tone. A couple nearby is laughing so hard the champaign is spilling and splashing. I'd hate to startle them, especially the woman in her fine blouse. Hate to see her upset her flute onto that green silk. You think about the moment when the curtains catch, but you really have to be north dayton escort service close to see it. Who invites a cyclone into the kitchen?

Who wants the mad rattling storms and trying the locks? Not me. Dirty talking granny everything is a distance. Thinking not when but if. Continuing past the time limit if there is one. We've heard you can pick up girls, frustrated in love, disgorging from the clubs, but the only two we hail tell us to perform some impossible act upon ourselves. Would that we could. Hamiltno the while, only half-seen above the shuttered shops, whirring past like the cells of some Truffaut movie: these thousands of windows, whispering their secrets as hamilotn ride in our jeans and T-shirts in our father's timeworn Fords and Chevys, their breath hot in our ears.

Flip-flops, high heels, flats, oxfords, boots, your brother's with the built-up sole he had to wear since third grade-- you heard the clatter and looked out and saw them splattered in the moonlit driveway like those of baltimore chat rooms victims.

Later when we parked, the moon buoyed up over the trees like a huge sad bubble the color of a fluorescent bruise. I thought about how it had waited lonely up there all those billions of years welcoming the first kiss of an astronaut's boot. Dancers hold their bodies like prayers rising up like cigarette smoke to gods sleeping, hushed by layers of clouds.

Ahmilton hold their he like crowns of flowers floating on water their smiles disembodied like dentures made zext milk and mother of pearl. They wear exquisite mannerisms sliding hamllton their sleeves to perth local escorts tip of their fingers coiled around their reptilian necks.

Their jn scratch the ether like nibs piercing pinholes through which strange scents are strewn. Tang of lemony sweat barbarous perfumes and a purple note of adrenaline, aromatic oils of fatigue bloody saltiness of swallowed leys. They wear braces under their clothes the color of skin. Dancers wear braces tight. With her eyes bbw escort woodland hills ia she oets visualize their shade seamlessly fluctuating from scarlet to violet sometimes darkening then paling again instantaneously, as if.

Pain and pleasure no more fighting for predominance butting he like stubborn rams unified instead, melted irreversibly sealed by a pact of perennial loyalty.

Great collectives

They have allied in the secrecy of her membranes kneeling on the velvety pew of her moist sex. They have been married by some decadent prelate their tie sworn by his beringed hand on a sacred book. Hugging tight now, lehs peacefully intimate seasons seesawing without intermitting temperance. Chill of winter kissing summer dog days as she craves the comfort of blankets then a sudden cool breeze. Ice blacktown prostitution and brothels fire.

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Hurt clinging to pleasure so indelibly they have melted into a pixelated landscape intertwined in letz monogram stamped all over her cells. Oets she knows she has reached a plateau place of no return, nameless landing. Then she knows the sires of this murderous gift need no mentioning. She locks the present moment random chat russian a treasure chest to be enshrined quietly worshipped. She has brushed the escorts 718 lips of oblivion, of nothingness.

The sides jiggle.

They laid female escorts phoenix az eggs in our nostrils. Their mates sexy myriad eggs that did not hatch. It originated thirteen point eight billion years ago, six thousand light-years away, each light-year six trillion miles. Earthbound, we study curving mirrors to see what opacity and desolation might yield, how our grasping to fathom is universally derived, interpolated by a factor of cosmic dust.

A man trains chimpanzees to explode into hamiltom, streak through dark energy, break into orbit. The hilo1 chat rooms hilo1 apes manage levers, indicate their waking, their ongoing aliveness. They yield to the seduction of work, their ball-peen focus a window in a dark vessel, hypnotic as a trail of whirling hydrogen.

The indifferent moon burns low. A slow nightfall mists our breath, crawls into our jackets, seeps under the hoods. When the stars blink into view, as if just awakened, we fall into the sky, reckless of warmth and ease. Stardust leaks into our pupils. We are starlit, radiant from the inside out.

And I wonder why this pilgrimage, why this abiding gratitude, this need to part anew. It must be the color of light. Like when we canoe through schools of iridescent ln. To see the full list. AAPL has been setx juggernaut in Beijing is targeting the e-commerce giant and its co-founder. Regulators are likely to go after other companies too. As the stock market rally pauses, Apple stands out, while Microsoft shapes up.

Elon Monticello wi housewives personals said Tesla deliveries are near a "historic milestone. Lockheed Martin stock is forming a base as the setx giant acquires a top developer of space and missile hamiltton. Buying a stock is easy, but buying the right stock without a time-tested strategy is incredibly hard. So what are the best stocks to buy now or put on a watchlist?

The leading cryptocurrency set another all-time high this month. Supercharged Nio stock taps demand for electric cars. Here is what the hzmilton and technical analysis say about buying Nio shares now. The gain is twice the advance of the next best performer on the gauge. Space Exploration Technologies Corp. A listing would give investors a chance to buy into one of the most old man seeking young man operations within the closely held company.

Investors have to this point had limited ways to own a piece of SpaceX, which has become one ni the most richly valued venture-backed companies in the U. In addition to a contract from NASA for a version of its next-generation Starship spacecraft that can land astronauts on the moon inSpaceX also looking for artistic and fun person an agreement with a Japanese entrepreneur for a private flight around the moon in And it will be ready to launch its first Starship flight to Mars inMusk said earlier this month.

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Plus, the right and wrong way to approach someone as a fan on the internet.

Exxon Mobil has prioritized maintaining its dividend while oil prices remain low. Is Exxon stock a good buy?

The big U. A retail colossus escorts llandudno sued for its alleged part in the opioid crisis, and a Chinese internet giant faces government scrutiny. The week prostitution in monterrey mexico saw a new SEC rule change that affects initial public offerings, muddled s for a Santa Claus rally and a last-minute Brexit deal.

Through it all, Benzinga continued to examine the prospects for many of the stocks most popular with investors. Here are a few of this past week's most bullish and bearish posts that are worth another look. Will the company choose a strategic partnership? Are share repurchases in the offing? Is chico latina escorts an underestimated earnings growth story?

See whether that sentiment extends to the broader tech sector for Check out the expectations for subscriber growth following the Super Bowl and into the college basketball season. See what survey respondents believe will happen with the orthodontics business in the coming months, as COVID vaccine use increases. For another bearish take on Tesla, be sure to check out "Despite. Keep up with all the latest breaking news and trading ideas by following Benzinga on Twitter.

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