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Learn how to mute the notifications from a ashley ashton napa escort text or leave the conversation in the Messages app. To leave a group text, all participants need to be using iMessage. If you don't see the option to leave, it might mean one or more of the users isn't using a device hid iMessage. You can't remove yourself from these group texts, but you can mute the conversation.

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While Instagram has since jumped on board the filters and Stories train, Snapchat still stands out as the OG app to send fun photo and video streaks to your friends that disappear after they've been viewed.

However, even though individual escort in liverpool vanish after they're seen by the recipient, your feed still keeps a record of the last people you chatted with listed by date. If you've ever wondered, Can I hide my chat activity on Snapchathere's how to clear a conversation from the Friends screen.

If you regularly use Snapchat, chances are you've wana video chat and see a penis that while the chats and photos you send back and forth to someone disappear after they've been seen by the other party, a record that your conversation happened in the first place still shows up on your Friends screen.

In the tab, you'll still see a list of the friends you most recently interacted with on the app as well as how long ago your last interaction took place. Whether you're looking to get a new ex off your mind or you just want to reduce the clutter on cgat Friends screen, you might be wondering how to clear your chat activity and history for certain friends.

To do so, you'll want to open up the Snapchat app and head to your Friends tab. Once your there, press down on the username of the person whose conversation you want to delete.

From there, a list of options should show up where you have the option to report or block someone, as well as to remove them as a friend. Underneath that, you should see the choice to "Clear conversation. One other option is also to "block" jessie mosman escort person, which you can do in the same menu.

Once you block them, their conversation will automatically disappear from your feed. Just know that they won't be able to see your Story or send your Snaps or Chats.

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You can also choose to go back and unblock them at any time. Even though the person will no longer show up on your feed, you should know that doing this won't delete any saved messaged or messages that have already been sent in your conversation, so that's something to keep in wnd.

However, if you did send something accidentally or you're having regrets about sending something, Snapchat does give you the option to delete it if the other person hasn't seen it yet. To delete a text, photo, or video, all you have to do is press hcat hold on the message you sent, and a message should escort galway confirming that you'd like to delete it.

How to hide chat in whatsapp

Once you tap that, it'll disappear, and the recipient will never see it. While the person who you sent the message to will get a notification like usual telling them that you sent them something that you deleted, scat escort stockport won't be able to view whatever it was.

Again, both of these aforementioned options will clear out your feed, so I'd weigh your reasons for doing so and choose the best choice for you. Happy Snapping!

By Lara Walsh.