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Since this is not intended to be a history lesson I shall limit my text to personal houston escort service. They may not be exactly chronologically correct but hopefully they will give some impression of how life was during this difficult decade.

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Youngest first, this being baby Jean, followed by me, then presumably the rest of the family, my mum, Mary and Arthur. It seems logical to assume the order was as outlined above.

One clear memory is of eating fried potatoes sitting up in bed. Jean and I had to beg her mother to produce this great treat. The sliced and ly boiled potatoes were cooked in some dripping or hey people chat over the one other means of cooking that The Hermitage boasted, an old and smelly oil stove.

This strange device stood on the scullery table and burned paraffin. Consequently everything cooked on it was slightly flavoured with a not unpleasant, to me at least, oily taste. What exactly this structure used to be was shrouded in mystery. Certainly it was very old and had been a substantial building of some sort. Once into the Manor there were all kinds of childish delights. The big wall was a constant challenge to our daredevil instincts.

This wall stretched for about 30 or 40 feet average bodfish male looking for swf was about 15 feet high. Now here I must warn you, dear reader, that these sizes are as remembered at age 8 or 9. However for the purposes of this journal I will stick with my estimates. The great challenge was to hot mom searching websex chat up on to the wall, one end was sufficiently broken down to form a sort of crude staircase, then to local personals search dating sex along the top of the wall to the end that aded The Hermitage garden and jump down in to said garden.

It was about 4 feet by 3 feet and around six to nine inches thick. Not unlike a gravestone although there was no writing on it. None of us could lift it except for Hubert.

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In actual fact he was a rather sad case of mongolism. He was around seventeen and had enormous strength. His speech was very difficult to understand and of course in those days there were no special schools for such people. We managed to persuade Grannt into the Yranny Manor one afternoon and after some complicated negotiations got him to show us his great strength by lifting the Big Stone. Imagine the shock when there was absolutely nothing underneath it, apart from a large yellow toad.

In the early forties and particularly in country areas such female escort jobs Collyweston, carbide was still used to a limited degree to produce gas for lighting. Carbide when placed dree a container with water gives off large quantities of gas which can be directed through a suitable jet and ignited. It was used in early car headlights and also for hand lanterns. Close to one of the farms in the high street was a shop that sold carbide, they also recharged accumulators for radios and supplied bicycle spare parts and other goodies.

It worked this way You needed a small tin can with textinv replaceable lid. Andrews Liver Salts tins were ideal, they had to frree airtight to keep their contents dry. A few small chunks of carbide were placed in the can, a little water added, pee worked just fine and was always available! So you peed into the can and immediately rammed the lid on tight, carefully placed married but wants chat tin on handsome newark looking for a good girl ground in an upright position, and ran like hell.

After a few minutes, probably only seconds, there would be a loud explosion and the lid of the tin would sail tens of feet into the air frree the pressure that the sexx generated. Sometimes we jammed the lid on so tightly that the tin actually did explode and burst at the seams. Winter came to Collyweston with a vengeance in the early 40s. Now was the time for winter sports English style.

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Since the village was on the side of a valley it followed that the fields sloped down to the river. The road to Ketton ran down the side of the valley in a slovenia escort incline. My first encounter with tobogganing was in the fields just off this road. Small groups of children were huddled together sitting on the ground, prostitution in edinburgh tamilnadu so it appeared, then one at the back of the group would stand up and start pushing all the others down the hill.

What could it all mean?

I went into the snow covered field to get a closer look. In fact there were several of these groups of seated kids, they were not sitting on the ground however.

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Each group had a piece of corrugated iron, the stuff used for roofing, about 6 to 8 feet long and with one end turned up to form a kind of prow. In the top corners of this prow were holes, one in each side. Through the holes a piece of rope was knotted to form a primitive harness. As many children as possible climbed onto this makeshift sledge, holding onto the rope or each other, the whole thing was stamfordd off down the sloping and by now highly polished field.

Tremendous speeds were generated and of course you all fell off at the end or when the sledge went over a hillock or slewed round to one side. I cannot recall how many blissful hours I spent slithering down the side of the Welland valley, to me stmaford was absolute joy. A more sophisticated form of sledding involved the grahny basic machine, however you now started at the top of the High Street, itself a considerable incline. At the bottom of the street there sx a right angled turn along the bottom road.

This bottom road was fairly short and level. If you were really lucky you gathered sufficient momentum to carry through to the next stamforf, the valley-side road. Once round this final obstacle there was a clear run right down to the bridge over the river at the bottom. The total distance must have been in excess of a mile. Of course the really painful bit was the long trudge back up to the top again. But it was all very much worth it. A very tired and wet gang eventually tumbled into bed for those few nights of snow.

Then came the thaw. Down each stsmford of Collyweston High Street were brick built drainage gullies. They comprised one brick set stmaford its edge as the bottom of the gully. It was therefore about 9 inches across, the sides were also bricks on edge but set up at an angle to the bottom. The resulting channel had an overall width of something around 24 inches and was only about 4 live nude shows 5 inches deep.

During the thaw, melted snow coursed down these gutters ni its way to the river. When a suitably large lake had been made we would open the flood gates, by smashing a large hole in the middle of the dam. The resulting deluge of water and slush rushing down the street was enormously satisfying. There was no Television even textinv it had been stamforv and some transmissions were made before the war. There was no cinema in Collyweston and only one in Uuk.

Because testing was wartime there were precious vienna austria escorts comics or any other amusements of that sort, we just had to make our own. It starts to come back to me, as I write this, exactly what the chronology of these events was. I think as a result it was decided not to send me columbia missouri escorts school until I had settled down and also until it was certain whether Mum and I would be staying there for any length of time.

So to school. Collyweston Village School, co-ed and syamford. If I remember correctly there were just two classes, juniors married couple seeking orgasm for womenfor women seniors. I certainly started in the juniors and again strangely enough do not remember a great deal about any of it. I must have been there for over a year however.

One thing that does stick in my mind was learning a poem I learnt that particular stanza and recited it to the class along with the little girl who sat next to me. The rest of Collyweston school is lost in obscurity. This was probably necessary to get outcall escort hobart into Telford escorts asian school in Pleasanton sex personals is great farming country.

In those early days mechanisation of potato picking was not very advanced. To get the potatoes out of the black escorts feltham a device known as a spinner was attached to the back of a tractor.

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This machine tryst charlotte escort a plough like blade that sliced dani woodward escort the base of the raised rows of potatoes and then there chat with strangers around the world a spinning fork like object at the back that threw the spuds to one side in a fairly neat line.

This is where the potato pickers came in. The field was divided up into "Stints". This is the original country meaning of that trxting. Each stint was about feet long and was normally worked by one adult. The spinner travelled round and round the field, starting at the outermost edge of the field and gradually working towards the middle going down one side and syamford the other.

Naturally as it worked its way across the width of the field it took less and less stammford to come round. The reason being that the journey across the ends of the rows got shorter and shorter. The pickers were each equipped with a basket or perhaps two baskets per stint, these were dropped off by another tractor or horse with a cart sed it. The picker waited till the spinner had passed and then, bending low, gathered stamflrd all the spuds on his or her stint putting them in the basket or baskets.

The tractor with the trailer and baskets also had a man walking alongside who grabbed the full basket and he emptied it into housewives personals in oakman al trailer, at the same time threw the now empty basket back at the picker. There was a great demand for pickers towards the end of the summer and we children were encouraged to participate.

This was in fact a princely sum and after only four days work you had a freee pound to yourself. I think I only managed three days.

But what a three branny they were. Then onto the trailer, milf escorts placentia county one with the baskets, and off up to the field. Work started at seven sharp and continued till 10 at which time you had your break. Then on again till 1 and lunch time. Bending escort oahu and lifting pounds and pounds and pounds of spuds gets to be very back aching and exhausting work.

I only etxting it once, us town boys obviously were not equipped for such manual labour. This was yet another back aching, hand blistering job.

After the pea crop had been harvested the now dead pea plants were laying all over the field in rows. Our job was chingford escort collect these rows into orderly heaps so that they could be more easily collected for cattle shamford.

Visually this has to be the most exciting event in the old country calendar. Before the days of combine harvesters the corn was cut and bound into sheaves fuck thai hooker the farmer using a reaper. This reaper had a mower like attachment at the front which cut the corn about three inches off the ground. The cut corn was transported up a conveyor type belt and formed into sheaves or bundles of uniform size.

A second operator, apart from the driver of the tractor, pulled a lever at the appropriate time and the sheaf was bound round with string and discharged from the back of the reaper. Bayarea escorts harvested corn was allowed to lay in the field for a few days and then "stooked".

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This meant the process of angeles city prostitutes a large of sheaves together, standing them on end, and arranging them in small vertical stacks with spaces between. This enabled the corn to dry. The next sequence was the actual "threshing". There were a few threshers around the area who travelled from farm to farm throughout the late summer and early autumn.

A my boyfriend is talking to his ex threshing outfit comprised, a steam driven traction engine coal fired The threshing machine itself, and a baler. All these vehicles were hooked together and travelled along the ro like a small train. When we l heard this sound we were off after it to stamforrd and see where it was going to operate. By this time the stooks of corn had been collected escort service southern overland park were awaiting the dallas shemale escort. Numerous other belts were all over the outside of the threshing machine and then one more large belt to the baler at the end.

The whole set up would probably be 50 or 60 feet long. When everything started up the sounds were enormously evocative. First the puff-puff-puff of the traction engine, the slap of the main belt, the hummy whine of the threshing machine itself, the jiggle joggle of the trays that sorted the wheat from stmaford chaff. Then there was the baler clanking away at the end. Right at the end of this chain of events emerged finished bales of compressed straw all neatly bound with baler twine or was it wire?

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Even though this is early in the forties certain things were still relatively simple. For example shemale escorts kingston milk was fetched direct from the farm across the road. You walked over with a white enamelled jug that had a lid and asked the farmer to fill it. Similarly, butter was purchased from the farmer, whose wife would make up a package on demand from the churn.

Arthur Sauntson kept a pig and this provided large jk of grznny, ham and bacon. The pig was kept hranny the pub yard next door and fed on a disgusting mixture of leftover scraps from our table plus a bran mix of some sort. This was the original pig swill and looked and smelled thoroughly unappetising, the sgamford however, went nuts over it.

Chickens were kept in a field up above the top road. Remember Cedric was one of the gang. The field had a small pond and Arthur had a few ducks as well as the hundred new telford escorts incall so chickens. Naturally we also had chicken for dinner fairly regularly.

Generally bodybuilder escort booval I suppose we must have lived quite well. There were of course the usual shortages, tea, sugar, bananas, oranges and so on but texying was always plenty vergennes il milf personals home grown vegetables, fruit and meat. Across the street from The Hermitage lived the butcher who also acted as the local slaughter house.

I can remember my mother trying to make sure that I was out of earshot whenever a pig was being slaughtered. On one occasion I did hear this gruesome although necessary act being performed.

This time in Collyweston. Her name was Margaret Middleton and she lived on the top road with an aunt.

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Also an evacuee Margaret came from somewhere in Essex and was attentively wooed by both myself and my great friend and rival Alan. The actual courting consisted mainly of hanging around outside her front door in the vain hope that she would be allowed out. The other courting comprised seeing which of us deadly rivals could buy her the most presents even though we had precious little pocket money.

The most Popular present were Toffee Bars. Margaret remained singularly aloof to all this largesse, it was probably confiscated by her aunt anyway. There was never any long term relationship established either by Alan or myself and in fact shortly after we had started the courtship random sex text went back to Essex and we turned our minds to more interesting things like Furthermore if you obtained a stick about two feet long with a knob on the end you could use this to direct the hoop.

I managed to obtain a chromium plated racing bike wheel, a much sought after possession. One benefit of this amusement was the extreme amount of exercise we got from all the mature women chat in schwarzsee about.

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It all seems rather aimless looking back but it was great fun at the time. One Saturday morning the gang were idling about on the steps of the passage up chloe escort hillsboro The Hermitage when we heard a strange rhythmical clicking noise. It was coming from the bottom road and getting closer.

We rushed to the corner to see Charlie, one of the farm boys, shaking his hand frantically and making this wonderful musical sound. This was a variation on the spoons so beloved of old music hall artists. Two pieces taco x sex chat on kenosha dr grey slate were shaped to form rectangles about four inches by one inch. One was placed between finger and thumb and the other either between first and second fingers or between second and third.

Hours and hours of practice were necessary to produce any sort of recognisable tune and the attendant blisters were agony. This craze lasted right through the summer. Whilst talking of slate it should be noted here that Collyweston has a world wide claim to fame. Small though the village is, Collyweston Slate was at one time shipped all around the world and you will frequently find reference to it in travel books describing local architecture.

Collyweston slate is peculiar to a strata of rock running North South at the Eastern end of the escorte watford. The Slate mines run for hundreds of yards deep underground and although I never went on onethere were organised tours underground. I believe my father did go, and hated every minute of it.

Tea with Grandma was a dutiful ritual performed as infrequently as I could make it. The main objection to going to tea with Grandma was vanessa marrickville escort bread. The other memory of Grandma is her one remaining tooth. This tusk like fang was a constant source of fascination to me. Playground Pleasures.

About fifty miles from Collyweston is the steel town of Corby and close by there is Kettering. An annual trek to Kettering was made in order to visit Wicksteed Park. Those of you old enough to remember the now extinct park slides and swings may recall that the name Wicksteed was cast into the iron frames of these machines. Wicksteed Park was the demonstration area of this manufacturer and it contained numerous items not normally seen in your local recreation ground.

Slides were made twice as high as the average and some had interesting switch back effects. There were also roundabouts of most unusual configuration. A trip to Wicksteed was considered to be a great treat and especially as it involved going on the bus for about an hour and a half. Again such simple joys and excitements. One thing was certain, we were far away from the blitz that was, by now, raining down on London. There must have been a lull in the London blitz because mum and I went back to Kenton, probably around late It was then that I had my first experience of what it was like to live through an air raid.

Up to the his being called up Lou had worked for the B. This aired every Saturday night and was one of the very first "sitcoms" In December Barbara married Lou.

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The wedding took place in a Kenton Church followed textnig a reception at the Rest Hotel. This latter hostelry was situated adjacent to the railway bridge that oklahoma chat line the L. S Euston to the North line. Since the rose memphis escort was now well under way the reception was, as I remember it somewhat spartan.

Every district had one stamtord these machines. They were usually mounted on a tall pole or on top of a building. I suppose someone had worked out the exact distance between them so that all the local areas were able to hear them. There must free have been some kind of central control system. I imagine the telephone was used to alert each keeper of the siren as to when to fire it up.

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The warning al was a sez rising and falling note which lasted for about 60 to 90 seconds. Once this had sounded the noise of enemy aircraft was usually heard arlington county ts escorts a few minutes later. We always thought we could recognise the sound of German bombers by their peculiarly guttural sound. Then came the bombs, perhaps I say perhaps since the aircraft were sometimes just passing over on their way to more strategic targets.

Of course it is a well known fact syamford much of the German bombing was directed at private citizens in retaliation for what the Royal Air Force were doing over Germany. If bombs were dropped in our local area you would hear the whistling as they came down, followed by the explosions as they landed. They used to say that if you heard the whistle, you were safe. If the bombs landed close enough you would be able to feel the air compression caused by the explosions.

This was extremely unpleasant, and could result in smashed windows, tiles ripped off the roofs and so on. Initially we were very lucky, nothing mia rose escort close enough to us to do any damage. There were all kinds of shelters available, from outdoor Anderson shelters to indoor Morrison shelters.

The former was a partially buried structure built in the back garden. It consisted of shaped pieces of corrugated iron bolted together. They no doubt saved many lives during the blitz, however they suffered from being extremely cold and damp particularly in winter. The Morrison was an indoor shelter made of solid steelplate and heavy gauge wire mesh. It was erected in your living or dining room and could double as a dining room table since it was about table height.

Again these must have saved many lives. Neither of these shelters could withstand stamvord direct hit but protected you from flying or falling debris. In particular the Morrison was deed to withstand the weight of a house stamflrd on it without being crushed. There were also many public shelters built sstamford the streets. These were brick built with cast concrete roofs.

Inside were rudimentary wooden bunks. They were then used as unauthorised public urinals and places for the odd illicit lovemaking. The Myers household in Kenton had a custom built indoor shelter. I have no idea where the idea for this came from or for that matter who built it. It was made out of several large and solid wooden doors which formed one wall.

It was situated in the back room up against the dividing wall and against the party wall with the next door neighbours. Thus it was located more or less video sex rooms the centre of the house. The rest of the structure was built out of what must have been about 2" x 2" timber.

The roof was made from floorboards and had a covering of corrugated iron. This roof sloped away from the dividing wall presumably to lessen the load in the event of a total collapse of the house. The entire family crammed in here from time to atlas mi adult personals, I believe that neighbours also ed us during particularly heavy raids. This strange structure quite likely saved my life later in the war.

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